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How Does It work?

Find the easiest way to earn money online with our unique method.

You will be given a sponsor offer to comply with the money generated to your PayPal Account.

No registration required! We will generate $400-$5000 in your account instantly.

Do allow 5 to 10 minutes for the entire process to work properly.

How to Get Paid?

Open your PayPal Account in another tab before you perform the generator.

You're not required to log in to our website so you can be sure that your information will be secured.

However, it is crucial to finish the sponsor's offers for 2 to 3 times for maximum effectiveness.

Our sponsor ensures that our software is working properly to generate cash flow and deliver cash to your account as fast as possible.

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Step by step method:

1. Go to FreePal.xyz or click the link below.

2. Open your PayPal Account in another tab.

3. Click on “Complete now” and finish 2 to 3 sponsor offers.

4. Wait 1 to 5 minutes to receive your credit in your account.


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We helped them earn Free PayPal Money Instantly.

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Finish 2-3 Offers

Finish 2-3 of our offers from our sponsors. They pay us for generating Free PayPal money immediately.

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Earn $400-$3000

Earn a minimum of $400 to a maximum or $3000 per operation instantly.

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